Never give up

When you are weak and worried, the demon comes to call

telling you you’re hopeless, they think you are a fool

They’re in your face with an evil gaze insisting that “You’re wrong”

Though they are poking, prodding, laughing, you still will carry on

against the machinations of meddling mischievous minds

you know another story you can read between the lines

that you’ll make it through, whatever you do, whichever

path you take

thinking you would give up was the devil’s worst mistake




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Hot Water

The body is an oddity its skin may stretch

all out of proportion until a different body is left

Like coffee gone cold then topped up with hot water

Its temperature is now normal but its form has altered

It’s never the same, might as well boil rain, and burn in pain

I’ll run the risk of going insane, until I can’t ever again

I’ll be shuddering and fumbling and rumbling with screetches

that tear up my torso and dilute my features

and heart breaks like a thunder with unseen lightning

I no longer make sense of the words I am writing

Until Death himself interjects and dissects us like insects

in the infinite cosmos, we are mere specks

and we mean not a jot to the almighty plot

take care of the body, its all that you’ve got





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Sadly, my Dad died today

Sadly, my 81 year old foster dad Peter Chapman who has been there my whole life for me, died today after suffering dementia.

I loved  him and I will continue to, though he is no longer with us.

I wish to send out love and prayers to everyone who is going through a loss.

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POEM 002

Wanting by Derek Keeping

Whatever you’ve got even if its a lot,

there is usually something else that

your things are not.


Maybe its bigger, maybe its wider,

maybe its longer, maybe its higher,

maybe it does what your things don’t do

or might alter peoples opinion of you.


Now this thing, these things, you don’t really need,

but some desire inside you grows like a seed,

and suddenly its all you can focus on,

you don’t want something short, you want something long!


You want it so much getting it becomes daunting,

and so stress forms like a ghost and its you that its haunting,

and your want you disguise in the shape of a need,

and your comfort you’d never describe as greed.


So all warm and cozy, you’ll be adamant,

that you can’t be without some other thing that you want.

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POEM NUMBER 001 – January 8th 2020

Writer’s Block by Derek Keeping


Wanting a reason to scribble some text,

has often left my worrisome mind perplexed.

Countless lulls as the inspiration dulls,

best efforts broken, ace attempts nulled.

I search for a method to rekindle my writing passion

Look at my old ideas and attempt to rehash them

Perhaps having a better subject would work

writing about not writing will drive me berzerk!

At least I’ve managed my first poem this year

Please like if you can (It will help my career!)




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A Journey

A Journey

There was nothing at the beginning,

Not a jot to hold a plot on,

No meat that could go rotten,

No plan to be forgotten,

But a step began at some point,

To move, to turn each joint,

To trundle forward slowly,

To find people to know me,

To journey on intently,

Slowly into eternity,

Up the hill in unity,

Into the distant infinity.


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Bad Habits

I never really know how bad a bad thing is until its worse

you don’t rehearse the bad but you practice it when you

won’t admit its turned a joy into a curse

Our daily routine is riddled with the stuff we know we

shouldn’t do

are we too keen? Is it too tough? couldn’t these things both

be true?

I wish I could forget, with no regret and move on to the new

but once my minds set, obsessed I get, I do what I shouldn’t do

perhaps there was a time, when I stood in line like sheepish people stand

but now I just rebel, heading to hell, “Wake up” they all demand

I guess I wish I think I think too much about the little things

but one step at a time, back in the line, the future now begins


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Teaching Thoughts

A thousand thoughts fall out of line

They waste your time, yours and mine

But then you find, you can rewind

The moment’s memory will disagree

It used to be, full of possibility

A cheerful alacrity, for you and me

But it disintegrates, the time it wastes

And the thoughts we face

Are numerous and nothing

Always wanting to be something

So let them fall, screw it all

Or catch the ball and save us all

Whatever reasons wake you

Let them stay true

Drifting thoughts count for naught

That’s what you should be taught





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Dream of death

She dreamed through life and thought of death

Had the question in her breath “To be human or to change”

Lived her life inside that dream, not truly knowing what it means “To be human or to change”

And after a while the dreaming died, the question it was put aside, the answer in her fo0lish head was wrong

And after a while the problem fled, the dream, well, it was put to bed, the answer in her empty head was gone

Don’t pretend you know solutions they all end up as confusion, dream too hard and you will lose them, just a human who won’t change






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I’m back baby!

Bet you thought you had seen the last of me

over a year since the last post it has to be

Perhaps you’re someone new nosing in

or maybe you’re thinking how hard its been

doing without hearing some stuff

about how living is kind of tough

with the odd bit that’s funny or deep as hell

and some random weirdness mixed in as well

maybe some of it, like this, may rhyme

or be complex and thoughtful from time to time

but whatever you think this site to be

you’ll now get some more of it, quite certainly!

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